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The SeeingWithSound image gallery


Please download the image of your choice and view it using the vOICe. You can send me an image of choice with a description and I will upload it to the gallery.


Why the gallery?

When I started using the vOICe, a completely new world had opened to me. For example, I have never touched a giraffe. However, I could now experience the shape of a Giraffe via the vOICe. However, images are hard to find so I decided to start my own image gallery. I am trying to emulate the process by which children learn to identify objects. That is they see a picture and are told what it is. They then form an association with the name and the image. I hope to do the same.


To learn more about the vOICe, visit its home page.

The vOICeís home page

Send me an image and its description


Me competing in the Ability olympics 2002

The image is a side view. Only the right side of the face is visible. To top it off, I am wearing headphones!


The below Images are meant to be a set of introduction images to using the vOICe. Please read the included text file and follow the images in the specified order.

Show different types of lines in a somewhat tutorial format.


Cassette rack

This movie shows a cassette rack. The cassettes are arranged side-by-side and can be clearly heard in the sound scape. Slow down the video rate to hear the cassettes more distinctly. The movie has been made with a head mounted camera.

This example is an illustration of moving towards an object namely a fence. It gives the user an idea of perspective and how the soundscape changes at different distances from the object. Please read fence.txt included in the zip archive for more information.


Seat Arosa

Very complex soundscape of a car. The zip file also includes several views of the car. These soundscapes are better viewed after the user has had some practice in Seeing With Sound.



Forward view out of a car. The video rate has been set to double speed however, I doo not know if this has any imppact on the image. The back of the other vehicles are visible. Try to make out the curves that represent the backs.


Red light bus

This movie is that of a bus. The movie has been taken when my car had stopped at a red light. Experienced users of the vOICe may be able to sense the depth of the busís back or perhaps it is the distance between the sides of the buss and its back. One can clearly feel the difference in size between the cars in car01_forward and the bus in this movie.


A sighted viewer has stated that the view is sort of twisted. I suspect that this is because of the camera angle.



An avi movie of my current setup with the hatcam.



A JPG image of my setup with the hatcam.


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